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Top Reasons For Receiving Jaw Surgery

Posted on 3/6/2023 by Dr. Johnson
Top Reasons For Receiving Jaw SurgeryJaw surgery is given other names as orthognathic surgery or corrective jaw surgery. It is a procedure for correcting problems that result from trauma, abnormalities in growth, or congenital deformities. You would need this surgery to fix a malocclusion like an underbite and an overbite that come as a result of a mismatch in the development of the upper and bottom jaws. The surgery is also helpful in correcting other issues of jaw development that affect how your jaws function. There are many reasons people would want to get corrective jaw surgery and they include:

To Improve Overall Facial Appearance

Underbites and overbites are fixable even if it means correcting just a few millimeters to restore a normal bite. An underbite gives one the appearance of an oversized jaw and can really affect one's smile. On the other hand, when you have an overbite, it gives the impression that your jaws are not fully developed. Therefore, you would need surgery to move your jaw either backward or forward, accordingly.

Improve How You Bite and Chew Food

A physical complication of the mouth can cause you to not enjoy food. If you have had a severe cut inside your mouth or have had your wisdom teeth removed, you can attest to this fact. A jaw misalignment can make you not enjoy food as well. Therefore, you can have jaw surgery to align your jaws and ensure you can enjoy your meals as you would normally do.

To Reduce Chronic Headaches

People suffering from TMJ disorders have tendencies of grinding their teeth when they fall asleep. The grinding of teeth is done unconsciously and when they wake up, they usually experience headaches. Unfortunately, most of them take painkillers and don't bother treating the real causative factor for the headache. Corrective jaw surgery ceases the grinding of the teeth, hence stopping daily headaches.

If you think you might be a candidate for jaw surgery, please visit our clinic immediately and have a chat with our dentist to advise you on the appropriate treatment.

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