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Reasons To Get A Temporary Dental Prosthetic

Posted on 2/6/2023 by Dr. Johnson
Reasons To Get A Temporary Dental ProstheticWhen a person is missing one or more teeth or has teeth that are damaged beyond repair, a qualified dentist may suggest that they have dental implants. There is a wide variety of dental implant solutions available that may be used to replace teeth that have been lost. These alternatives include single implants, multilayer dental implants, implant-assisted dentures, and whole-arch dental implants.

Temporary Dental Prosthetics Have Numerous Benefits

A dental restoration known as a temporary dental prosthesis is a dental appliance meant to replace lost teeth in a patient who has undergone dental implant surgery. After having dental implant surgery, patients may benefit from having a more aesthetically beautiful and functional smile with the help of a temporary dental prosthesis. While a permanent dental prosthesis is still being developed or constructed, it is normal practice to utilize a temporary dental prosthetic as a stopgap measure in the meantime.

Polymethyl methacrylate is a tough and long-lasting plastic substance that can be molded and molded to imitate the appearance of genuine teeth. This material is typically used to manufacture temporary dental prostheses. A mold is taken of the patient's teeth and prepared in a dental laboratory to customize the prosthesis to match each patient's distinctive smile.

After that, the patient's mouth is prepared for the placement of the temporary prosthesis by having it cut, sculpted, and polished. A removable dental prosthesis meant to be temporary often does not call for any cementing or bonding and may be simply removed to be cleaned. Those people who need a fix for the short term will find that this is a wonderful choice.

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