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Management of cleft lip and palate in adults

Posted on 1/23/2023 by Dr. Johnson
Management of cleft lip and palate in adultsAn adult who may have had a corrective cleft lip or palate surgery as children will often have speech, dental or appearance complications. Though with the advancement in medical technology services, many adults with a cleft lip are unaware of the measures to take or treatment options at their disposal to improve their outcomes. Nowadays, there are medical centers where an adult can access specialists as well as services that will ensure professional restoration as well as function and confidence of the individuals. Though cleft lip has often been associated with heredity, some programs will ensure that proper information, as well as counseling, are carried out to adults considering that they will have their children.

Speech Therapy

Speech therapy is essential because of a number of concerns for adults living with cleft lip and palate. Some of these concerns that experts are concerned about are hypernasality, which means very little air passes through the nose on certain sounds. Articulation disorders mean a patient has difficulty pronouncing certain words, and last but not least, hypernasality, which entails a lot of air coming from the nose as one speaks. Some of these concerns are usually solved with surgery, language and speech therapy, or both.

Phyisical Social and Emotional Care

Using comprehensive physical, social, and emotional care with the help of the latest techniques and technology experts in the modern world. Adults with cleft lip and palate undergo psychological issues such as difficulties socializing and low self-esteem. Besides, it is such a hectic task for a patient to live with the change in their facial appearance due to cleft lip or palate or any other situation such as injury. Collaborations with prosthodontists and healthcare specialists from the best medical centers so that professional and specialty treatment of adult patients is carried out too.

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