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What you Need to Know About Tooth Extraction

Posted on 7/18/2022 by Dr. Johnson
What you Need to Know About Tooth ExtractionTooth extraction is a dental procedure that is very known to everyone. Commonly, when someone has an uncontrolled toothache, the first thing that comes to mind is to extract that tooth. However, the best way is to visit a dental clinic for a dental exam. With this, you will know the actual cause of your toothache and how to treat it. Let's talk about reasons for tooth extraction, cost, and aftercare.

Tooth Extraction

This is a dental procedure performed by an oral surgeon, periodontist, a general dentist to remove one or more teeth from a gum socket. A patient is put under local anesthesia numbing the area to facilitate a painless procedure. An elevator is used to loosen the tooth in the gum so that it is pulled by the dentist using forceps. Before the procedure, the patient may be required to take prescribed antibiotics. A procedure for multiple teeth extraction may take a bit longer, up to 15 minutes, while a tooth could last 20 to 50 minutes.

Reasons for Tooth Extraction

Various reasons can lead to tooth removal. Let's sample some of them. Bodily injuries and some contact sports can lead to tooth loss. Decay is another cause of tooth extraction. Decaying is caused by unchecked dental plaque resulting from acids created by the bacteria on the teeth. Teeth overcrowding is another reason. This is when teeth grow in an unlikely position due to limited mouth space, causing competition with the other teeth. This problem causes temporomandibular joint disorders; extraction is necessary to resolve it.

Tooth luxation also can elicit tooth removal. It is the displacing of the tooth from the original position under acute trauma. Dentists may also recommend tooth extraction when there are Impacted Teeth. This is synonymous with wisdom teeth, where an existing tooth obstructs those attempting to erupt in the gum.

Cost, Risks and Aftercare

Charges for tooth extraction vary around the world. The cost also varies depending on the Impacted Teeth. Generally, extraction is fairly affordable. Tooth extraction has several risks, including severe fever, nausea, chest pains, elongated bleeding for up to 12 hours, redness, and swelling in the surgical area. Finally, after the extraction procedure, a patient will be discharged with instructions to observe for proper recovery. Some of them are the kind of diet to keep, resting, restriction on the use of straws, smoking, avoiding vigorous and strenuous physical activities, and maintaining head elevation. This is to ensure proper care for the recovery of the patient.

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