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Causes and Treatment of Jaw Pain

Posted on 5/22/2023 by Dr. Johnson
Causes and Treatment of Jaw PainJaw pain can be debilitating, affecting one's ability to eat or talk. It can be caused by several things, from dental problems to jaw trauma. There are several treatments, depending on the severity and cause of the jaw pain.

Causes of Jaw Pain

Jaw pain can be a sign of a lot of things. It could signal a toothache or even a heart attack. Your jaw is connected to your skull by your Temporomandibular joints, which enable one to open and close their mouth. Dental issues, sinus problems, Temporomandibular Joints(TMJ) disorder, joint problems, jaw trauma, diseases or tumors, and cysts can cause jaw pain.

Dental Issues

When your teeth get infected due to tooth decay, they develop a tooth abscess that can be painful, affecting even the surrounding areas, like your jaw. Gum disease, growing wisdom teeth, and crowded teeth are other dental factors that cause jaw pain.

Temporomandibular Joints Disorders (TMJs)

These can be caused by damage to the jaw, grinding your teeth, constant clenching of the jaw, dislocation of the TMJs, or arthritis. Several factors indicate TMJs, including vision issues, headaches, locking of the jaw, dizziness, and a clicking sound when opening the mouth.


Diseases like mumps and tetanus may cause jaw pain. Mumps affects the salivary glands around your mouth, making your jaw immobile. Tetanus is caused when a cut on your skin gets a bacterial infection. Its symptoms include the stiffening of the jaw, called Lockjaw.

DIY Treatment of Jaw Pain

The cause of your jaw pain will determine treatment. Using an icepack and massaging your jaw helps offer immediate relief from jaw pain. You can also opt for lifestyle changes, like avoiding chewy foods and integrating some stress reduction exercises, like yoga and meditation.

Medical Treatment

If the jaw pain is caused by mumps or tetanus, getting your doctor to prescribe medication for the problem would be the best solution.
Your dentist can prescribe a mouthguard to prevent grinding your teeth. Muscle relaxers can also help relax your jaw. Botox injections are an invasive treatment that can help prevent your jaw from clenching, offering relief from TMJ Disorder pain. Jaw surgery can be the last resort of treatment.

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