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Dental Implants Healing Caps: What Are They And Why Do You Need Them?

Posted on 10/25/2021 by Dr. Johnson
Dental Implants Healing Caps: What Are They And Why Do You Need Them?People considering dental implants may need to get healing caps though not everyone needs them. If a dentist brings up this approach, there is likely a concern over your gum tissue growth after the placement of implant screws.

Nonetheless, healing caps also referred to as healing abutments, can help ensure the successful placement of tooth implants. An implant specialist will have the discretion to tell you whether or not you will receive the healing abutments.

What is a Healing Cap?

A healing abutment or cap is a small connecting piece that a dentist mounts on top of an implant and it connects the implant screw to the prosthetic or crown. It is a special abutment that dentists use to help with the healing process of hard and soft tissues around a patient's implant.

In essence, a healing cap gives shape and helps tighten the gum tissue. It is used to help prepare the gum tissue to receive the crown. When in place, a healing cap helps prevent food debris and plaque from getting stuck around an implant.

How are Healing Caps Placed?

A dentist administers local anesthesia or another sedation before placing a tooth implant screw into the jawbone. A healing cap is then placed atop the titanium or zirconia screw. The healing abutment may be placed immediately or later on after the metallic screw has integrated and grown around the bone.

If a dentist chooses to place it later, then a cover screw is placed. The cover screw goes into the hole of the tooth post or screw to cover it and protect hard or soft tissue growing inside it. Once the healing process that lasts appropriately 3 to 6 months is over, the cover screw is removed, and the healing abutment is placed.

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