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Dos and Don'ts After Multiple Tooth Extraction

Posted on 6/20/2022 by Dr. Johnson
Dos and Don'ts After Multiple Tooth ExtractionTooth extraction is the pain-free process of extracting a tooth without affecting the surrounding areas. There could be multiple factors warranting a tooth extraction. These could be wisdom teeth extraction, extensive teeth decay, or even when making way for permanent teeth to grow. The goal of tooth extraction is to avoid complications in the healing of the tooth socket. Therefore, there will be some measures you will need to take to ensure this

Do Take Some Rest

After your operation, the first twenty-four hours of your healing are crucial. You will therefore need to rest and avoid moving to allow the extraction sites to heal. Avoid too much exercise in the first twenty-four hours and keep your head upright to prevent excessive bleeding.

Do let a Blood clot form

A blood clot will form at the extraction site. This clot will cover the wound, protecting the tooth socket from infections. Keeping as minimal contact as possible on the site is advised. Your dentist might provide a piece of gauze to bite on. Biting on a gauze applies pressure on the site, stopping the bleeding. Once the bleeding has stopped, you can take off the gauze.

Do drink fluids

Drinking water helps keep the mouth hydrated, reducing bacteria build-up, therefore protecting the tooth socket from infections. Drink water consistently after tooth extraction but avoid using straws since sucking on the straw will disrupt healing.

Don't take solids

Avoid taking solids immediately after surgery because your mouth will be numb from the anesthesia. Once the numbing has dissipated, only take soft solids like mashed potatoes and soup. Avoid chewy and crunchy food as they cause trauma on your extraction site, preventing flawless healing.

Don't touch the extraction site

Touching the extraction site with your finger, tongue, or toothpick might be tempting. However, avoid feeling around the gap. Touching the extraction site may dislodge the blood clot, delay healing, and lead to a dry socket.

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