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Thumb sucking and oral health

Posted on 4/25/2022 by Dr. Johnson
Thumb sucking and oral healthThumb sucking is a frequent behavior among infants and young children, and it's perfectly safe as long as it doesn't last more than five years. This usually ceases on its own between the ages of two and four, and there's no reason to be concerned until the front teeth erupt or break through the surface. Thumb sucking during teething might lead to biting problems and projecting front teeth. Thumb suckers who are too aggressive may harm a child's primary teeth. If the child sucks their thumbs for a long time, they can get infections as well as develop sore thumbs.

Is it harmful to suck thumb?

Sucking one's thumb is not harmful. It aids in the relaxation of a child and the reduction of stress and anxiety. It is calming, consoling, and reassuring to a baby. Thumb sucking goes away on its own, but if the child continues to suck their thumb as they get older, it may cause their teeth to shift. As a result, if your child is sucking their thumb, make sure they don't continue this behavior until they get to the age they go to school. Often when the child sucks the thumb the bacteria found in the mouth sticks to the thumb and when let out in the outside environment brings out a bad smell. The bacteria also cause infections and can lead to diseases.

Teeth and Thumb sucking

A child who is used to sucking the thumb might experience cases of biting. This happens when the child is teething, the baby might be tempted to chew on things and might forget and chew on their thumbs. Those children who experience grinding might also harm themselves if they suck their thumbs. Talk to our dentists and they will have a solution on how your child can stop sucking their thumb.

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