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Causes of Malocclusion of the Teeth

Posted on 12/5/2022 by Dr. Johnson
Causes of Malocclusion of the TeethMalocclusion of the teeth occurs when your teeth are not in proper alignment. Misalignment of the teeth can cause problems such as open bite, crossbite, overbite, or crowded teeth. When your teeth are not well aligned, performing functions such as chewing can be quite challenging. Here are the common causes of malocclusion of teeth:

Cleft Lip and Palate

A cleft lip and palate occurs when a child has an opening on the upper lip or the palate. It occurs when the lip or palate does not properly develop in pregnancy resulting in a gap or space. If the gaps are not repaired in time, they will interfere with a child's dental formula leading to malocclusion.

Thumb Sucking

Some behavior in children, such as thumb sucking, can lead to a poor bite. It can push the teeth out of their normal position leading to malocclusion. However, if the child stops sucking the thumb early enough, the teeth will shift back to the normal position. Prolonged pacifier use can also cause your teeth to change in position. The sucking of the pacifier will disturb the alignment of the teeth and cause them to shift into an unnatural position.

Missing Tooth/Teeth

When you have a missing tooth or teeth on your jaw, the remaining teeth will shift in position and occupy that gap. When you have any gaps in your teeth, ensure that you find an early replacement. Implant and crown installation is the best way to ensure proper alignment of teeth.

Teeth are too Large

Another thing that can cause teeth malocclusion is when the teeth are too big to fit on your jaw. The teeth will cause crowding on the jaw and interfere with the alignment of the lower and upper jaw. Teeth crowding can be managed through the use of braces or extraction of some teeth. You can discuss with your dentist your best alternative for the problem.

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