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The Anatomy of Your Teeth

Posted on 2/20/2023 by Dr. Johnson
The Anatomy of Your TeethRegular dental visits are important for your oral health. Not only will you get treatment and care, but you will also get education and tips on how to improve your dental health. Understanding the anatomy of your teeth is vital for you to take proper care of your dental health. At our dental practice, our dental specialists will take you through the various parts of your teeth so that you can get all the important information required for optimal care and management.

Parts of tooth

The various parts of your teeth include the crow, neck, and root. The crown is the visible part of your tooth and protrudes from underneath your gums. the crown is made up of three parts including the dentin, enamel, and anatomical. The enamel covers the anatomical part of your tooth. The enamel is the outermost layer and is considered to be the hardest part, protecting your teeth from decay or erosion. The dentin is beneath the enamel, and it is shielded from infections and erosion by the enamel.

The neck follows the crown and it is the connecting area between the root and the crown. It comprises the pulp cavity, gums, and pulp. The pulp cavity holds the pulp which usually carries blood vessels and nerves. When you get a toothache, it is generally because you have an infected pulp.

The root is the part of your tooth that is hidden by your gums. It is an important part of your tooth as it holds your tooth in place. The major parts of the root include nerves, blood vessels, root canal, and periodontal ligament.

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When you come to our practice, we will get you through the important steps you need to take to safeguard these important parts of your teeth. Our dentists are always ready to receive you and offer effective care.

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