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Oral Surgery for Braces

Posted on 10/15/2023 by Office
Close-up of teeth with braces prepped for surgery at Brookfield Oral SurgeryOral surgery can be vital for orthodontic treatment, such as braces. Braces are ideal for people who have teeth mishaps and wish to manipulate the positioning of the teeth. Oral surgery helps address some issues that cannot be corrected through orthodontics alone. Here are some top reasons for oral surgery in the placement of braces:

Impacted Teeth

One of the top reasons you might need oral surgery during an orthodontic treatment is the presence of impacted teeth. Impacted teeth are classified as teeth that have not adequately erupted and remain trapped in your gum line. This is a common occurrence with your wisdom teeth. An oral surgeon will have to perform oral surgery to expose and help in the eruption of such teeth to allow them to be adequately aligned using braces.

Extraction of Crowded Teeth

In some cases, crowding of teeth or extra teeth in your mouth can interfere with proper alignment using braces. An oral surgeon must remove any extra teeth to create suitable space for the others to align correctly. When traditional braces are placed in well-spaced teeth, you will receive proper repositioning after a few months to one year.

Jaw Surgery

Some complex orthodontic cases involve significant misalignment of the jaws. Such conditions cannot be corrected with braces alone. In such a case, oral surgery will help to reposition the upper and lower jaw to achieve good alignment. When an oral surgeon is confident that your jaws are well aligned, they will give it adequate time to heal, then consider attachment of braces.

Gum Tissues Adjustments

Sometimes, gum tissues surrounding your teeth may need to be adjusted to improve your appearance and smile. This will also help achieve ideal results with orthodontic treatment. Oral surgery can involve procedures such as removing excess gum tissues or reshaping your gums.

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