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Different Types of Mouthguards and why they are important

Posted on 11/15/2023 by Office
Picture of a professionally fitted mouthgaurd with a black background at Brookfield Oral SurgeryVarious designs and types of mouthguards help to preserve your aesthetics. Mouthguards are essential devices designed to protect your gums, teeth, and surrounding structures from malfunctions. They act as protective layers that distribute the impact of forces that might cause significant damage to your teeth. Different types of mouthguards have varying functions. Let us dive into that below.

Mouthguards for sports

Mouthguards are categorized according to the purpose they play. This type of mouth guard is used to protect your teeth from sports-related injuries. For people who play sports like boxing, rugby, and wrestling, mouthguards are an essential part of their attire. They reduce the risk of chipped or knocked out teeth due to increased physical contact.

Mouthguards for grinding teeth

These types of mouthguards help by alleviating symptoms associated with bruxism. Most people grind or clench their teeth during sleep. Eventually, this might cause them to wear out and cause pain during sleep. Headaches and jaw pains are associated with such issues. However, there are mouthguards meant to reduce these defects, visit your orthodontist and get a full treatment.

Also, mouthguards can be classified according to how they are designed. In this relation, we will look at the following types:

Store-bought mouthguards

These types of mouthguards are divided into two. Stock mouthguards are used straight from the box or the manufacturer, and boil-and-bite mouthguards are made from thermoplastic material. This material softens once it is immersed in boiling water and after softening, they are placed in the mouth and shaped down by biting down.

Custom-made mouthguards

To fit your dental anatomy, dentists create these types of mouthguards. They are considered more comfortable than store-bought mouthguards providing more effective protection against sports-related trauma and bruxism. They are also the most common solutions for sleep apnea and you can wear them without a CPAP machine.
The choice you make for your teeth should be conclusive and perfect. Our team of orthodontists can take you through the examination to help you choose the right mouthguards for your teeth. For this and more orally related services, call us today.

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