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How Are Maxillofacial Injuries Treated?

Posted on 12/15/2023 by Dr. Johnson
Image of a man with jaw pain. Maxillofacial injuries are severe wounds in the face. They can damage the skin and soft tissues. Also, they can lead to fractures in the nose and jaw. These injuries can be very severe; thus, they may need care from different medical specialists. These injuries can also have a significant impact on mental health.

The treatment for maxillofacial injuries depends on the injury severity and where they are. People with these injuries often need help for other medical problems, too. The doctor works with other specialists to plan the best treatment. Here are some treatments for different areas of the face:

Bone Fractures

Treating broken facial bones is similar to fixing broken bones in other parts of the body. The type of treatment used depends on the health and age of the person and how bad and where the fracture is. The specialist will align and secure the broken facial bones to help them heal properly.

When you have broken jaws, metal braces with wires or rubber bands are used to align them. For severe facial injuries, a surgeon first makes cuts to reveal the bones. They then use wiring and plating procedures to fix them.

Soft-Tissue Injuries

Doctors use stitches to treat soft tissue injuries like cuts. Maxillofacial surgeons examine and repair damage to facial nerves, ducts, and salivary glands. For cuts and severe facial injuries, microvascular reconstructive surgery is a great option.

Dental Injuries and Adjacent Oral Structures

Dentures are needed for people who have lost their teeth due to damage. Oral surgeons can also replace teeth that have been knocked out or removed. It is essential to act quickly if a tooth gets knocked out to increase the chances of saving it. Dentures also help people eat comfortably and chew various foods. They improve speech and enhance the overall appearance. Because dentures help support the jawbone, they ensure that it does not deteriorate or shrink.

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