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Prioritizing Comfort and Well-Being

Patient-Centered Care

Prioritizing Comfort and Well-Being

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Benefits of Dental Implants

Dental implants are allowing countless people who have lost a tooth to restore both the aesthetics and function of their smile. These titanium screws implanted in your jawbone replace the root of a missing tooth by actually fusing with the bone to become a part of your body. Brookfield Oral Surgery can help you with all your dental implant needs.

Almost anyone can get them

If you are one of the tens of millions of Americans missing one or more teeth, then a dental implant is likely the answer. Even patients who are missing a large number of teeth can benefit from implant technology, thanks to implant-supported bridges and dentures, which offer superior stability compared to their traditional counterparts.

Implants are the best for your overall health

Compared to alternatives like bridges and dentures, implants are far better for your long-term and overall oral health. Because implants replace the root of your missing tooth, they continue to stimulate the underlying bone, preventing bone loss and facial collapse. Not only do dentures and bridges not do this, but dentures can actually accelerate bone loss while bridges usually require your neighboring teeth to be filed down to support the appliance.

They last a lifetime

No other option is as durable or strong as dental implants. We design our implants to literally last the rest of your life, and you do not even have to do anything special or complicated to care for them like you do with dentures. You take care of an implant just like you do the rest of your teeth – by brushing twice a day, two minutes each time, and remembering to floss. Dentures and bridges on the other hand can need to be replaced as frequently as every five years.

Implants are more cost-effective in the long-term

The up-front cost of dental implants can often be higher than conventional options like dentures. The difference is that because implants last a lifetime, they end up costing far less. Dentures wear out every few years and you have to purchase a new set, they require you to continually purchase special cleaning solutions and other supplies, they must be relined annually, and they can take a toll on your gums and jawbone that will require more treatments.

Implants look just like your natural teeth

If you want to be able to smile with absolute confidence, then you want dental implants. Every single implant is custom-designed for you and your unique smile. We carefully sculpt and polish it to seamlessly match the rest of your natural teeth so that no one can ever tell. Plus, implants feel and work just like your natural teeth, so not only can you smile without fear, you can talk, chew, and bite without worrying about your implant slipping and sliding in your mouth.

Interested In Dental Implants?

These are just some of the many benefits of dental implants - there are so many we could not fit them all here! If you want to learn even more about all the advantages, give Brookfield Oral Surgery a call today at 708-680-7017!

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