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Multiple Tooth Implants

The American College of Prosthodontists (ACP) estimates that 178 million Americans have lost at least one tooth. There are many implications to losing teeth as an adult. Losing multiple teeth has severe effects. Missing teeth cause eating problems and reduced self-confidence. If left untreated, it may lead to problems such as misaligned teeth, gum disease, bone loss in the jaw, and changes in speech. The good news is that all of these risks can be averted by simply paying an immediate visit to Brookfield Oral Surgery and getting a multiple tooth implant placed.

What are multiple tooth implants and how are they placed?

If you are missing multiple teeth, multiple tooth dental implants can be used to replace them as well as their roots. Multiple tooth implants consist of three components: the post, abutment, and a bridge of prosthetic teeth.

The procedure to get a multiple tooth implant starts with surgically placing the posts beneath the gum line in your jawbone. The posts are cylindrical and made up of titanium. After the posts are placed, a healing period of two to six months will be needed to allow your gums to form and strengthen a bond to form anchors for new teeth. Following the healing period, abutments will be attached to the posts to allow the new teeth to be connected. The teeth are usually made of porcelain which closely resembles natural teeth.

Anatomy diagram of a dental implant

A titanium post is placed beneath the gum line in your jawbone

The abutment attaches the prosthetic tooth to the implant

The porcelain tooth which closely resembles natural teeth.

Benefits of multiple tooth implants

Multiple tooth implants are superior to both removable partial dentures, as well as fixed bridges, in many ways. Multiple tooth dental implants are able to restore missing teeth without the support of the nearby natural teeth, and they look and function like normal teeth. Other typical procedures for multiple tooth loss, such as removable partial dentures or permanent bridges, rely on surrounding teeth for support. Implant supported dentures are an ideal option for those who have never gotten dentures and are missing all of the top or bottom teeth.

Another significant benefit is that multiple tooth dental implants do not require the tedious aftercare that must be given to partial dentures. They must be removed and cleaned after each meal, and soaked overnight. Partially removable dentures also require adhesives to secure them to the gums, which can be messy and ineffective at times. Multiple tooth dental implants, on the other hand, can be cared for with the same daily brushing and flossing regimens as natural teeth. The permanent nature is another benefit of dental implants frequently a comfort to patients who have struggled to find an adhesive that will keep their dentures in place.

Furthermore, when multiple tooth dental implants replace your tooth roots, your bone will be preserved better. Dental implants merge with your jawbone, allowing you to retain your natural smile while maintaining bone health. A healthy jawbone is required in order to be a candidate for any dental implants. A removable partial denture or a fixed bridge, on the other hand, would deprive the jaw of the stimulation required to maintain optimal bone levels due to the lack of tooth roots (or implants). This results in bone loss and can lead to additional jaw issues.

Finally, slipping and sliding partial dentures can irritate and create painful gums. Soreness and irritation are no longer an issue after the initial recovery following dental implantation.

You might want to consider getting multiple tooth implants if you wish to improve your smile. These can help with chewing power and stability. The chewing force will be transmitted to your jaw via your tooth implants. Its density and volume are preserved as a result. Making an appointment at Brookfield Oral Surgery at 708-854-0808 is the first step if you want to learn more about multiple tooth implants.

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