Patient-Centered Care

Prioritizing Comfort and Well-Being

Patient-Centered Care

Prioritizing Comfort and Well-Being

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Tooth Extraction

Tooth extractions happen for all sorts of different reasons, but always with the same goal – restoring and improving the health of your smile and mouth. Whether you are getting troublesome wisdom teeth removed, or a tooth damaged in an accident, Brookfield Oral Surgery can help you with all your extraction needs.

Why we sometimes need to extract a tooth

As dentists, our goal is always to do everything that we can to save your natural teeth. Sometimes that can mean extracting an unhealthy tooth that is causing problems for the rest of your teeth. One example of this that many people are familiar with is wisdom teeth – often, wisdom teeth are extracted because when they come in they do so in a way that can crowd and displace your other teeth. By removing your wisdom teeth, even though they may not be damaged or unhealthy themselves, we actually help preserve your overall oral health.

Oftentimes, though, teeth are extracted because they are in too advanced a state of decay, disease, or damage to be saved. While we always prefer less drastic measures such as crowns, bonding, and dental bridges, it can sometimes be better to replace a tooth with a stronger alternative, such as a dental replacement. We may also extract unhealthy teeth to make room for a restorative treatment such as dentures, which must be able to sit directly atop the gums.

What you can expect during a tooth extraction

What you can expect when getting your tooth extracted will depend on the condition of the tooth in question. If the tooth is easily visible, perhaps one of your front teeth has become infected with a severe cavity, we will perform what is called a simple extraction. If the tooth is more difficult to see, such as a wisdom tooth that has yet to come in or has only partially erupted, then a surgical extraction is called for. You will be administered local anesthesia to numb any discomfort. You will still feel pressure, though this should be minimal and not uncomfortable. There will be some loud sounds, so earbuds are recommended if you would prefer not to hear them.

Aftercare for an extraction

After an extraction, we give every patient unique instructions on how best to take care of themselves so their recovery is fast as possible. We will give you a few tips here though, so you can have a general idea of what to expect. The nice thing about having a tooth extracted is that most people recover after only a few days. During this time, you have our permission to eat ice cream and other soft foods that will not irritate your mouth. Definitely avoid spicy and crunchy foods until you are fully healed.

Fast, simple and easy

Done in a professional setting by an experienced oral surgeon, tooth extractions are routine procedures that are nothing at all to worry about. If you are suffering from discomfort caused by unhealthy teeth, then you may benefit from an extraction. To learn more, call Brookfield Oral Surgery at 708-854-0808

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