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Patient-Centered Care

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Dental Implant Candidacy

If you have missing or severely diseased or damaged teeth, then you have probably heard about dental implants as one solution. You may have even heard that dental implants are the best way to replace missing teeth – and it is true! So, who is a candidate to get this incredible treatment? Read on to find out how Brookfield Oral Surgery can help almost every patient receive dental implants.

Who dental implants can benefit

Tens of millions of Americans are missing at least one tooth, and almost all of them can benefit from dental implants. There are a number of different ways that dental implant technology can be applied, from single implants to implants supporting dentures or even full arches of prosthetic teeth. Whether you are missing one tooth or all the teeth on the top or bottom of your jaw, there is a dental implant that can help you. Even if you are not missing any teeth, but instead are dealing with severely damaged, diseased or decayed teeth, you should consider opting for a dental implant following any extractions. Only implants can permanently stop the decay of bone that immediately begins following the loss of a tooth.

Who may not be able to immediately benefit from dental implants

While it is true that almost everyone can get dental implants, some people may have to undergo other treatments and procedures first to help them become a viable candidate. You have to have a healthy, fully grown jawbone. This means that younger patients need to wait until their jaws are finished growing, while older patients and others who have experienced bone loss will need a bone graft to add sufficient mass to anchor the implants.

The other major factor that can make dental implants a poor fit for you is if you cannot commit to the full duration of the treatment. While having dental implants placed is not usually a very lengthy process, it will still take multiple visits to our office and the implants take several months to fully fuse with your jaw. Bone grafts can make this take even longer. You should be able to regularly return to our office for check-ups as we monitor the integration and healing of your implants.

Alternatives to dental implants

If you are one of the few people unable to receive a dental implant for one reason or another, do not despair! You still have plenty of alternatives. Every day, dentists are getting better at saving natural teeth. It is entirely possible that with a sophisticated gum disease treatment we can still save the affected tooth. While dental bridges and dentures are inferior choices compared to dental implants, they still have helped give countless patients back their ability to enjoy life again.

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If you think you are a good candidate for dental implants, or have more questions about this exciting treatment, then call 708-854-0808 to find out how Brookfield Oral Surgery can help you!

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