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3D Cone Beam

Brookfield Oral Surgery Office Tour - CBCTDental technology is constantly improving, and we are always looking for new and more powerful ways to get high-precision scans of your mouth and surrounding structures. X-rays and conventional CT (computed tomography) scans can do a lot, but there is a new type of CT scan optimized for dentistry and oral surgery. Known as a 3D cone beam, it brings the power of a CT scan to our office so we can use it to create highly accurate, personalized treatment plans for you. If you are looking for the enhanced precision of a 3D cone beam, look no further than Brookfield Oral Surgery.

What is a 3D Cone Beam?

Technically, a 3D cone beam is not a CT scan at all, but is instead a machine that can be used to produce similar high-resolution images for a fraction of the cost and hassle. A 3D cone beam uses x-ray technology to capture hundreds of three-dimensional images of your mouth. A cone-shaped beam rotates around your head to produce these extremely high-quality images that allow us an unparalleled look at your teeth, bone structures, soft tissues, and other structures.

How can a 3D Cone Beam benefit you?

A 3D cone beam can provide a wide range of benefits because of how comprehensive and crystal-clear its imaging capabilities are. Most often, though, we use it to help us when creating highly accurate surgical guides, placing dental implants, diagnosing dental conditions, and analyzing bone structure. If you are considering oral surgery, we strongly recommend that you take advantage of the sophisticated imaging capabilities of a 3D cone scanner. A 3D cone beam is not only more accurate than traditional x-rays, it is also much safer. While even modern film radiography is quite safe, 3D cone beams have almost no radiation, making them ideal for sensitive patients.

What you an expect when getting a 3D Cone Beam Scan

There is nothing that you have to do to prepare beforehand for a 3D cone beam. All that you will have to do during the scan is remove any metal items such as jewelry, so they do not interfere with the scans. When getting the scan, you will sit or stand in the center of the room and bite down on a jaw positioner. The beam will actually rotate around your head in a 360-degree arc, allowing it to create a fully realized three-dimensional scan. A complete scan should take no more than a minute and is often even shorter than that. Your images can be reviewed immediately so that we can share them with you and start diagnosing and creating your surgical plan immediately.

Get the cutting edge today

3D cone beam technology is unmatched in the high-quality imaging that it is capable of producing, allowing our first-class team to treat you with the highest degree of accuracy. If you are interested in how a 3D cone beam can improve your next visit to our office, call Brookfield Oral Surgery at 708-680-7017 today!

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